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Parkville NAD Treatment

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NAD is a vital coenzyme that keeps your health, DNA, brain functions, and metabolism intact. However, NAD production depends on age, meaning the older you grow, the less NAD your body produces. Because of this and other reasons, NAD IV for addiction in Parkville MO therapy has grown in popularity. Therapists inject this powerful substance into your bloodstream, and since it bypasses metabolism in the liver and gut, you enjoy full benefits. So if you are curious whether NAD IV therapy is ideal for you, please keep reading the benefits.

Boost the General Wellbeing

NAD is produced when the body breaks down vitamin B.NAD then turns food into energy, protects the cell and DNA, and regulates the body's circadian rhythm. Through NAD IV therapy, the outlook of your skin improves, and your hair and nails grow thicker. In addition, NAD makes you look and feel younger by improving your health.

Brain Protection

NAD is present and very active in the brain cells and its vital function in protecting cells from losing myelin. Myelin is the substance responsible for quick communication between brain cells. Evidence shows that NAD functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain. This suggests that NAD is directly responsible for cell to cell communication. Therefore, it is not shocking that NAD IV therapy effectively bridges addiction treatment in Parkville, Missouri. When you have increased levels of NAD, you think with clarity and have quick mental reflexes and better decision-making skills.

Slows down Aging

Vascular aging is when the veins start to wither. At this point, the amount of blood flowing through the body is restricted. This means that as less blood flows, your skin starts to lose its youthful look, wrinkles appear, and you lose the healthy glow. Luckily, using vitamin IV drips can reverse the effects and even reduce diseases related to aging.

Muscle protection

Another downside of losing blood vessels as you age is the effect they have on your muscles. The worst part is NAD helps the muscles and blood vessels coordinate. Your muscles get weaker as you grow older because they receive less blood, receiving fewer signals from the blood vessels.NAD therapy can replenish the needed levels of NAD. The remaining blood vessels and muscles can then coordinate efficiently, protecting the muscles from being frail as you age.

DNA repair

Aging interferes with the process of turning DNA into proteins. As you grow older, there are more errors and mutations that you are exposed to. The depleted NAD levels contribute to the DNA issues.NAD regulates the proteins that prevent damage to the DNA. Additionally, NAD helps the mitochondria with folding proteins in the proper shapes. Here is something that most people do not know, but faulty repair mechanisms in the DNA are linked to cell death and tumorigenesis. Frequent NAD IV therapies reduce the risk of cancer while promoting cell survival.

Addiction Management

Individuals undergoing drug and alcohol treatment go through the awful side effect of the medication. It is why we are excited about Science-based addiction treatment programs in Parkville, MO.NAD reduces the drug cravings and detoxification symptoms for patients battling with addiction.

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Parkville NAD Treatment
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