Extended Care

Extended Care

What is Extended care?

Whether it's called a competent nursing center, a long term care facility or a nursing home, these are all facilities that offer prolonged look after people who do not require the intense care provided in a health center however who need more care than can be given in your home.

The extended care program at" InpatientDrugRehabNearMe.com assists recognize in-depth barriers to on-going healing and relapse prevention.

Our programs consist of:

  • Occupational treatment
  • Physical treatment
  • Speech language pathology services
  • Neighborhood trips
  • Individually treatment with therapist
    InpatientDrugRehabNearMe.com offers domestic programs along with an extended care program to assist our patients with establishing and retaining the life abilities needed to live sober for the rest of their lives. Our extended care program aids alcoholics and drug addicts in understanding the quality of a sober life.Our extraordinary extended care program is created to deal with all types of substance abuse, consisting of:

Crack drug
Heroin and club drugs
Alcohol and prescription drugs
We pride ourselves on the caring care our staff supply and welcome the opportunity to get to know not just our patients and locals, however their family members too.

We serve patients of any age who require short or long term care. We also provide transitional real estate - half method housing - to even more provide support for our clients.

Our Program is divided into three rehab phases. Our clients are offered a little bit more freedom and obligation with each stage while continuing to provide them with the structure of a rehabilitation facility that they need as they get their life back on track.

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