Best Drug Rehabs

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Best drug rehabs

More than 20 million Americans age 12 or older suffer from substance use disorder. While it’s generally agreed that there’s no single treatment that works for everyone, treatment programs at rehab facilities appear to produce the best results. Luxury rehabs shield people struggling with drug addiction from the stress of daily life and provide the perfect environment to embark on the journey towards recovery. But how do you choose the best drug rehabs from the myriad of available options? Below are a few pointers that would help.

Factors to consider when choosing a luxury rehab

Type of program

Before choosing any rehab facility, you should check out the type of program they offer to determine if its right for you. The best drug rehabs typically offer comprehensive programs with an intensive in-patient phase followed by out-patient follow-up. Rehabs that offer partial hospitalization programs or intensive outpatient programs may not be ideal for people who have been struggling with addiction for a long time. However, they are useful for people who have other commitments they must meet while trying to recover from addiction.

Alternative treatment options

The best drug rehabs understand that addiction is a complicated problem that requires psychological and physiological interventions. They also know that there is no standard method of curing addiction, and the guidelines only try to provide an insight into managing the disease. Thus, they are not afraid to explore non-conventional or holistic approaches to treatment. For example, The Holistic Sanctuary, one of the best luxury treatment centers in California, developed and patented the ‘Pouyan Method’ of addiction treatment.

Luxury amenities

The purpose of luxury rehabs is to ensure clients can focus on their treatment without stressing about everyday convenience. So, if a rehab facility does not guarantee patients the desired comfort, the aim of checking into such a facility will be defeated. The best luxury rehabs will provide essential elements like plush accommodation and bedding, controlled phone access, gourmet food, private rooms, sports, and recreational facilities, etc. They should also have additional amenities that can complement some o the therapies they offer. These may include an art studio, lush lakefront, indoor gym, horse ranch, etc. In short, patients are usually treated to a five-star accommodation experience whenever they check into a luxury rehab.


Finally, you should check out the testimonials of people who have had used the facility before making a decision. The best drug rehabs would naturally have beautiful websites where they promise heaven on earth. However, the only way you’ll have an idea of the effectiveness of their approach to treatment is by reading from those who have experienced it first-hand. Beyond reading from their website, take the pain to learn more about them from independent review sites because that’s where you can get the whole truth.


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Best Drug Rehabs
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