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Article provided by: The Holistic Sanctuary

Southern California is full of detox centers for drugs and alcohol, but not all detox centers are created equally. The best detox centers stand out for their exceptional luxury, medical personnel, and innovative practices. Without a doubt, The Holistic Sanctuary is widely regarded as one of the best detox centers in America, let alone the state of California! The reason that The Holistic Sanctuary is widely reputed is that we use the best practices in the world in a luxurious, healing environment, with the best medical detox professionals in CA. Whether you are coming down from heroin, oxycontin, alcohol, or any other addictive substance, you will be in the best hands with The Holistic Sanctuary.

If you would like to learn more about our award-winning, accredited detox center and innovative recovery programs, please contact The Holistic Sanctuary today. You may contact us directly by phone at 310-601-7805, or you can contact us online 24/7/365

What Makes The Holistic Sanctuary the Best Detox Center?

Results. The results that we have been able to consistently achieve for our clients is what makes The Holistic Sanctuary the best in America. Our top-rated addiction treatment center is one-of-a-kind, producing more long-term sobriety without relapse than any other drug treatment centers on our radar! The best drug detox not only helps people to get sober now, but it also gives them the tools to stay sober permanently.

Across the country, drug and alcohol detox centers are failing to give people the tools they need to stay sober long-term. This is why drug and alcohol rehab and detoxification centers experience appalling relapse rates in program graduates. All across the US, most people who graduate from a drug and alcohol center will relapse within the first 90 days of finishing a program. After two years, an astonishing 83-87% of all drug and alcohol program graduates will have relapsed! Using our patented Pouyan Method and other treatment techniques, our clients experience a 90% success rate. Again, our state-of-the-art detox center is simply unrivaled!

Detox Center Amenities

The Holistic Sanctuary is a luxury detox center in California with all of the amenities and comforts that you would expect in a five-star beach resort. Here, we believe that luxury is a necessity and that luxurious detox environments foster a more conducive atmosphere to sobriety and inner peace. The inner peace and acceptance that our clients experience is unparalleled! Inner peace and acceptance are paramount to remaining in recovery.

No other drug and alcohol treatment center in California goes to greater lengths to ensure guest satisfaction than The Holistic Sanctuary. Here, our guests enjoy a spa, pool, ocean beaches, nature, WiFi, chef-cooked meals, laundry, and much, much more. Further, all of our guests receive one-on-one time with treatment specialists, ayahuasca ceremonies, ibogaine, and many other amenities and treatments that make The Holistic Sanctuary stand out as one of the best detox centers in California.

Best Detox Centers
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