Long Term Rehab

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In today’s world, drug abuse is widespread, and everyone knows someone suffering from this plight. With numerous long term rehab programs in the market, choosing the best program for your loved one is an arduous task. But The Riverbank House has the perfect rehab community, ensuring immediate results and a sober lifestyle.

What is long term rehabilitation?

Long term detox and recovery programs are for treating chronic and severe addiction which usually lasts for 90-180 days. The number can vary from one person to the next and the extent of addiction. In these programs, we will provide you with the well organized and proper treatment for a total recovery.

Such rehabilitation courses are mostly for people showing no results after their short residential programs. People are experiencing multiple relapses, even after completing the inpatient treatment programs, leaving no choice but to opt for a long term, extensive rehabilitation.

Why long term treatment?

Long term residential treatment does a complete background check on the individual. The extent of addiction, mental and physical condition, the nature of the substance consumed; all things decide the length of long term rehab program’s duration.

The patient gets to live with people who are experiencing the same addiction. This makes a community of similar people putting in effort together. Hence, making these programs the best in every aspect.

Finding the best rehab program

According to the experts, choosing a program with 90 days lesser in duration mostly results in a little or no progress. The brain requires at least 90 days to heal and to adjust to the new drug-free routine. Patients usually go back to drugs, resulting in a waste of time, effort, and money.

Considering the situation, the length of the rehab programs holds the utmost importance. Anything lesser than 90 days or greater than six months can be upsetting for the patient. The best duration must be from 90-180 days.

Benefits of long term recovery

  • Effectiveness: Long term recovery is ideal for preventing relapse and ensuring a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
  • Safe Community: Patient lives among people with the same drug-related problems who are serious about their treatment. This not only uplifts the spirit but also provides emotional support to the patient.
  • Healthy and productive lifestyle: Spending several months with peers in developing new routines and habits makes the patient stick to it. After the program completion, it is less likely for the patient to go back to the old routine.
  • High support: It is the most under-discussed thing in recovery. Mental and spiritual support is essential in the early stages of recovery. During our long term rehab, this support is not only encouraged but also promoted. Peers and staff work together around the clock in making the environment favorable for the patients.

Recovery takes time. The patient should know that his commitment will yield results. It is a slow and steady race, one step taken at a time carefully. The Riverbank House has many success stories from a diverse community of people; you could be one of them. Join our beautiful community today!

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